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  • Music Notes
  • Petrucci Music Library (Free)
  • Sheet Music Plus
  • Sheet Music DirectType your paragraph here.

Saturday Performance Workshop

  Joshua & Isabella                                           Daniel Rodriguez                                     Zak Mustille

  • TSpeakBeat (Free App)Tempo Adv.         
  • Tempo Adv.  (a bit tricky to use, but this app. lets you program in any different combinations like 2 against 3 notes, or 5 against 8 notes.

Student Learning Apps.                    
Some are available on all devices, and some are only available as IPad, IPod, & IPhone applications:         

  • Music tutor - Great free note learning program
  • mTA - SightReadPlus -Practice sight-reading  on  piano, and program tells student if it is correct!
  • Flashnote Derby - Young students - note practice
  • Noteworks - Young students - note practice
  • Rainbow Notes - Young students - note practice
  • Tenuto - Good for all ages - covers notes,  key                 signatures, intervals, chords, ear-training
  • Notion - writing music easy to use application
  • mynotegames - 
  • T-M-A-S-G (Sheep rhythm game)-students LOVE this!
  • Blob Chorus - very young students - ear-training
  • MLM (Music for Little Mozarts)
  • PiperEars - Intervals, chords, tonality
  • NailthatNote
  • Ear Trainer
  • ScaleBox
  • Young Genius
  • Anytune - upload a piece of music and change the         tempo to play listen slowly or play along
  • Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra​
  • GoodEar apps (Available through itunes)

 - Melody
 - Intervals
 - Chords
 - Scales
ASBRSM Graded Ear-training Apps.
Click here.            
  - Aural G1 through G9

Medici Music Studio subscribes to Piano Maestro for iPads. This learning application is available at no cost to students. Each student is assigned a password to access these games which will be assigned during lessons. This is a great way to improve sight-reading skills.  To access this app, accept emailed invitation on your iPad. 

In addition to Piano Maestro, there  are so many great ways to get additional music practice.  Please take advantage of these wonderful applications. Many of them are free or charge very nominal fees.  All students should have a confident knowledge of musical notes and terms and these apps can be used to reinforce what is taught in the studio.