Elizabeth Medici

  • TVMTA President
  • Royal Conservatory Certificate Program  Center Rep. & Founding Teacher
  • Teacher Certification by the the Royal Conservatory of Music, Canada
  • CAPMT State Treasurer (past)
  • Phone: (951) 972-7998
  • E-mail: MediciMusic@gmail.com 
Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Teacher

 All piano lesson rates are based upon a 4 week month. Tuition is the same per month regardless of shorter or longer months. Should the number of shorter months exceed the number of long months, and no make-up lesson is offered, your invoice will be reduced. It will never be increased.

Tuition payment for the entire month is due the first week of that month. In addition, there will be supplemental charges for music material or event entry fees as needed, which are also due with the following tuition payment. A late fee of $15.00 will be charged if tuition is paid after the 15th of the month. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any NSF checks.

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One piano lesson per week:

  • 30 minutes - 130.00 per month (age 5 and under)
  • 45 minutes - 195.00 per month (based upon 4 lessons)
  • 1 Hour - 260.00 per month (based upon 4 lessons)

Two piano lessons per week:

  • 30 minutes - 255.00 per month (based upon 8 lessons)
  • 45 minutes - 390.00 per month (based upon 8 lessons)
  • 1 hour - 515.00 per month (based upon 8 lessons)

There are no discounts for siblings.

                                                             STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES

PRACTICE:  Students are encouraged to practice daily.  Practice times required to insure advancement :

  • Ages 5-8 years - min. of 20 minutes
  • Ages 9 and above - min. of 30 minutes
  • Low - Intermediate students - min. of 45 minutes
  • High Intermediate students - min.of 1 hour

These are average times. Remember that anything worthwhile takes discipline. In instances where there is a lack of practice due to vacation or illness, please let me know before the music lesson begins so I can teach accordingly. My goal is to work with you and your student in a positive manner.        


  • Most Important! Be dedicated with a positive attitude towards learning.
  • Proper practicing throughout the week and any assigned homework should be completed.
  • Bring all music and theory books to lesson, as well as assignment sheet.
  • Clean  hands and nails trimmed. Long nails not only make it impossible to play with a correct  hand position, but they can also damage the piano by leaving scratch marks on the keys.  
  • Hair tied back if necessary. No dangling bracelets or big rings.

Lack of practice is NOT an excuse to miss a music lesson. If this should occur, let me know the situation. We will "practice" during the lesson if necessary. This can also be very beneficial to help students review their practicing habits.                                                                                                                 
                                                             PARENT RESPONSIBILITIES


  • Show support and positively encourage your child's music study.
  • Schedule time to develop a disciplined daily practice routine.
  • Commit to bringing your child to lessons regularly and on time.
  • Help your student to come prepared with all lesson materials and homework completed.
  • Remember, students stay committed to learning only if parents are committed!

Obviously, there will be instances when there is no practice due to vacations or illness. Please let me know before the lesson begins so I can work with you child in a positive manner.      


Though I encourage recital participation and believe it to be an experience that benefits the students in many different areas (such as meeting deadlines, confidence, and poise), participation is a decision left up to the student and their parents. Whether you decide to participate or not, each student will receive the best instruction I have to offer.