These are all Student Programs that the the Medici Music Studio participates in. Students are encouraged (with my help) to chose a couple events to participate in each year. Participation helps students learn to set goals, development discipline, and progress quicker. It also provides a way to monitor improvement as well as receiving encouragement and inspiration as they perform with other students. 

Recitals are either “group” recitals which are open to all the teachers within the TVMTA (Temecula Valley Music Teachers Assoc.) or private recitals, meaning our studio only. Students perform their pieces in a friendly environment for their family and peers. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in all of these.

Royal Conservatory Music Development Program
This international assessment program provides standardized testing throughout the Canada, the United States, China, and several other countries. The judges are trained to have consistent scores in all assessments, making this the most respected assessment test available. Sealed transcripts may be requested to submit to colleges and universities for credit. Students are assessed on their music literacy, ear-training, theory, and performance skills.

CAPMT Piano & Ensembles Auditions 
This event is an evaluation before a judge. Three pieces are played; two solo pieces by memory and one ensemble piece. Students receive a written evaluation and are given a rating of 1 through 5. Those students receiving a 5, are invited to play at the Annual CAPMT Southern Festival. The Auditions are generally held locally at a private studio. Students receive an evaluation and trophy. 

CAPMT Honors Competition 
This is a competitive event for the "serious" students within the entire Riverside District. Students perform 3 pieces representing different genres and are evaluated by 2 judges. The District winner will then be invited to attend the CAPMT State Finals where they will compete against the other District winners for the title of State Winner. 

CAPMT Contemporary Competition 
This is a competitive event for the "serious" students within the entire Riverside District. Students perform 2 or 3 contemporary solos and are evaluated by 2 judges. The District winner will then be invited to attend the CAPMT State Finals where they will compete against the other District winners for the title of State Winner. 

CAPMT Evaluations  
This event is a judged comprehensive evaluation. Because CAPMT is a subsidiary of MTNA which is nation-wide, this test is recognized in all states. Students are evaluated on performance, technique, sight-reading, music literacy, and aural perception. Three pieces must be performed representing differing time periods and styles. Additionally, students have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of musical notation, symbols, terms, music history time periods, composers, form, tonality, and rhythm at a level appropriate to the age and level of the student. This is a great event to take part in yearly. It encourages constant progress in all aspects of piano study. All students receive a written evaluation and students that pass their level receive a trophy.  

TVMTA Spring Festival Auditions  
This is a good event for just about everyone in our studio. The student is required to perform two memorized pieces for a judge.  If you've never been before a judge before, this is a great event to begin with. Highly qualified judges give thoughtful critiques with good advice which provides learning opportunities for students. Students receive a written evaluation and a gold, silver, or bronze medal.  

TVMTA "Music in Art" Youth Competition 
This is open to everyone, whether they study piano or not! All 2-dimensional artwork is accepted, whether it is pencil, paint, charcoal, photography, etc. This is a great event to tell siblings and friends about. Entry forms are available at: under Student Activities.  
The winners receive:                            

  • Grades 1 - 6: $25.00
  • Grades 7 - 12: $50.00                      

TVMTA Annual Young Artist Piano Competition  
This is a highly competitive competition for serious students. If you are not in it, I would encourage you to come out to see it and support those that are participating. It is an all day event divided by age groups. I will post the levels so you can consider choosing one to attend. These students would love to have the encouragement as they compete. It is a good experience and inspiring for upcoming students to see how a competition is handled. 

Winners of this event receive:  
                       Grades 3rd & Under           Grades 4th – 6th Grades            7th,8th,9th Grades            10th,11th,12th Grades    
    1st Prize                $50                                            $50                                           $100                                       $100  
    2nd Prize               $40                                            $40                                           $75                                         $75         
    3rd Prize                $30                                            $30                                           $50                                         $50   

National Guild Auditions by American College of Musicians  
This is a nation-wide program, and looks good on a college application! Students are evaluated by a judge for playing up to 10 memorized pieces. This differs from other auditions in that the student receives a combined overall “grade”. I.e., the performances of all pieces are compiled to come up with a “report card” of sorts. This is very useful because it is easy to polish off one or two pieces, but takes a lot more to put together a whole program of pieces. Students may enter at Local, State, and National levels depending upon the number of pieces they have prepared. Students that complete this have been very pleased to realize they can accomplish so much with proper goals and planning. Students earn a written evaluation, a certificate, and a pin. This event usually takes place around June at a local studio.  Carnegie Hall Royal Achievement Program  This is now in it’s 2nd year. It is designed to bring a nationalized standard to testing. This nationalizing standard is a very important advancement in the "piano world". It is more rigorous than the previous tests since it is nationally recognized. It is also set up so that colleges can request transcripts from them which will be recognized by the colleges and possibly even given credit for by the colleges. While this makes it also one of the more expensive tests, the credibility and reputation for excellence it has makes this worth participating in.  For more information on this, visit their website at:

This is a fundraiser which TVMTA sponsors. All proceeds go to the Student Scholarship fund. The practice-a-thon operates similar to a jog-a-thon. Sponsors are gathered for hours put in practicing. This encourages student practice as well as helping deserving students! The top 3 fundraisers receive prizes of 25%, 20%, and 15% of the funds that they bring in.! Forms will be available at the studio and also at the TVMTA website, under Student Activities.