June 2018

Naomi Tsai

​​​Congratulations to Naomi Tsai! Naomi will be 6 years this month and is finishing up her last week of Kindergarten.  She has just completed her first year of piano lessons which she attends with her sister Kylie.  Naomi also has another younger sister, Faith.  She is caring, responsible and independent, and helps to take good care of her younger sister. It’s so nice to see all 3 sisters together each week as they come to lessons. They really get along well together!

Naomi says that one of the best things she likes about playing piano is memorizing songs. In her first year of piano, Naomi has already participated in 2 recitals; the Holiday recital and our Student Summer Awards Recital. We are looking forward to even more events for next year!

Naomi says that her favorite subjects in school are drawing and crafts. She is also active in soccer and swimming, and enjoys playing games on her iPad as well as board games. She has quite the competitive nature and does her best to win at whatever game or sport she is playing!

Naomi’s favorite foods are vegetables. She also says that her favorite animals are turtles, and she enjoys going to the zoo to visit them. Her favorite books are the “Elephant and Piggy” series.

As Naomi’s teacher, I get to see her fun sense of humor that peaks out during lessons!  She is a good student and always comes prepared and happy. She has done really well this first year and I always enjoy our time together. I’m looking forward to another great year with her!