December 2019


​​​​Congratulations to Leland Tran!  Leland is 5 years old and in Kindergarten this year.  He began his piano lessons just 5 short months ago and he has already learned so much!  He says he likes to listen to the music and he likes the challenges of learning new pieces!

This month, Leland will participate in his very first event when he plays two pieces for our Holiday Christmas Recital. He will also participate in the Temecula Spring Music Auditions in April and then in the June Awards Recital.

Leland says that he likes to read “Ratz-Kids” and The Magic Tree House. He also likes to play Starfall. He loves playing soccer, and his soccer team, the “Purple Rock Star” has been undefeated!

Leland’s favorite foods are sweet foods like ice-cream, cookies, chocolate cake, & candies.  His favorite movie is Rise of the Guardian and Ninjago. His favorite places to visit are Legoland and Knott’s Berry Farm.

Leland is an amazing student. He has already learned so much in a short time. He enjoys learning which makes it fun and he always comes prepared. I really enjoy our time together!