January 2019

Julianna Esparza

​​​Congratulations to Julianna Esparza, our January “Student of the Month”!  Julianna is 15 years old and in 9th grade. She has a brother, Peter, that also studies piano at our studio.  Julianna has been taking piano lessons now for about 3 years and she says that what she enjoys most about piano is learning new songs that are fun to play and that have interesting rhythms!

Last year, Julianna participated in our two studio recitals; the December Holiday Recital and the Studio Awards Summer Recital as well as earning very good marks in the GUILD assessments and a gold medal in the TVMTA Festival Auditions. Last month, we were able to hear her beautiful performance at the Christmas Recital as she performed the jazzy “New Orleans Nocturne” and “It’s Beginning to Look Like Christmas”!

Julianna’s favorite subjects in school are writing and art. Her current goal right now to to improve her math skills. Julianna's extracurricular activities include playing softball and dancing, and she also likes to bake and to hike!  Her family has one pet; a german shepherd dog named Jet.

Julianna’s favorite food is pizza. Her favorite movie is “The Avengers”, her favorite book is “Addison Cooke”, and her favorite places to go are New York and Oregon.

As her teacher, I always enjoy lessons with Julianna. She has a sweet disposition and always comes well prepared. I also love that she enjoys learning different and unique rhythms. This makes the lessons interesting and fun. She has made great improvements over the last year, and I’m so excited to see how she will continue to improve!