September 2018

Leanna Riberal

​​​Congratulations to Leanna Riberal, our September “Student of the Month”!  Leanna is 13 years old and is a high school freshman this year. Leanna has been studying piano now for about 2 1/2 years and she says that what she enjoys most is that music is fun to play and also soothing to listen to.

Last year, Leanna participated in the CAPMT Auditions and earned herself a superior score of ‘5’ which earned her an invitation to participate in our State’s CAPMT Southern Festival showcase recitals. She also participated in the TVMTA Festival Auditions where she earned a gold medal, the Royal Conservatory Performance Assessments where she received “First Class Honors”, and our studio’s Holiday Recital and the end of the year Award’s Recital. This year, because of the beautiful progress Leanna has shown, she has skipped a level and will be moving to level 5 in the Royal Conservatory Assessment program. This is a huge accomplishment in just 2 1/2 years!

Leanna is quite accomplished in Taekwondo where she holds a 1st degree black belt and does competitive sparring. Some of the competitions that she has competed in are the U.S. Open, the Nationals, and the President’s Cup. She also enjoys cross-country running.  In school, Leanna’s favorite subject is Language Arts, and in addition to all that, she also enjoys playing the clarinet in the high school band.

Her favorite foods are burgers, frozen yogurt, and Korean BBQ, and her favorite TV show is Stranger Things. Leanna says that someday she would like to visit Australia and Japan.

Her long-term goal is to get into a good ivy league college and become a lawyer or a judge. Her immediate goal is to make the U.S.A National Team for Taekwondo and, if she can accomplish that, her ultimate goal would be to make the U.S.A. Olympic Team.  I know we will all be rooting for her!!

As her teacher, I am amazed at the dedication and determination Leanna has shown in all of her endeavors. She gives her best effort to each and every one of her interests and this will take her so far! I enjoy our lessons together; she is always prepared with a great attitude. She takes instruction well and clearly enjoys her music which makes our time together enjoyable. She is a great student and I am looking forward to seeing how she progresses this year and in future years!